Beautiful Fox Toy Supplier

Beautiful Fox Toy Supplier

Basic Information. Description :Beautiful Fox Toy Supplier Model NO.: M101049 Age: Any Age MOQ: 500PCS Per Style Material: Plush Sample fee: US$ 60 per style. Filling : Polyester . Size: 45cm L or Customized Trademark: Customized Sample Time: 5-7 Working Days HS Code: 9503002100 Fabric: Super...

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Basic Information.

Description:Beautiful Fox Toy Supplier

Model NO.:  M101051                     Age:  Any Age

MOQ:  500PCS Per Style                  Material:  Plush

Sample fee:  US$ 60 per style.             Filling:  Polyester.

Size:  45cm L or Customized              Trademark:  Customized

Sample Time:  5-7 Working Days          HS Code:  9503002100

Fabric:  Super soft plush.                 Origin:  Guangdong, China

Usage:  For gift, toy, promotion.    

Certification:  CE, EN71, ASTM, CPSIA, REACH

Loading Port:  Shenzhen Or Other City Port

Package:  One PC in a Poly bag, suitable quantity in a Carton

Delivery details: 25-35 working days after sample approval and received the deposit.

OEM service:  Warm, good hand felling, good for skin, breathes, perfect for seasons, soft enough.

This fox have vivid facial, there is a pearl neck,it looks beautiful.

As soon as the wind blows, a piece of grass will lie on the ground. Light shadows were dancing on the grass waves, and they were moving slowly along the wind from a distance.
The hunter squinted and looked around for his prey.
Then he saw a fox -- a very pretty little fox with white fur. Little fox was playing near him.
The hunter thought, this is a good opportunity. He raised his shotgun, aimed, and prepared to fire.
All of a sudden, the fox got up and looked over to the hunter. Then he turned and ran away into the deep grass.

The hare, the pheasant, on the prairie, hid as if it had been settled. The hunter walked for a long time without seeing any prey.
The hunter hung his head in frustration and suddenly found a small, wooden house in front of him.
He put his head through the window and saw that there was a small wooden table, a few stools, a cupboard and a bed. He went round to the house again, and there was a small wooden door which clearly said, "fox's house."
The hunter guessed that the fox might hide in the cabin. He pushed open the door and bent over into the cabin. When he got up, he found the ceiling was right next to his head.
The hunter looked carefully for the fox. He looked under the bed, in the cupboard, under the table. At this moment, he was attracted by a beautiful small porcelain vase.

In the corner of the room was a little porcelain jar with a long, thin mouth and a little rustle inside.
The hunter suddenly realized that he rushed to the bottle with a handkerchief tightly plugged.
"Wait a minute, I'll give you a gift."
The hunter did not believe it, and raised his shotgun in an attempt to break the bottle and catch the fox.
"Don't break the bottle, I'll give it to you."
The little man in the bottle saw through the hunter's mind.

The man took aim at the bottle and was ready to shoot.
"" you open the cork and you see beautiful images." " 'continued the voice in the bottle.
The hunter felt curious. He put down his gun, thinking that the prey could not escape.
So the hunter took out his handkerchief and put his face close to the top of the bottle.
The bottle seemed to have been covered by a faint mist that had soaked the hunter's eyes.

The hunter rubbed his eyes, and by the time he opened them again, the fog was gone, and the mouth of the bottle was a mirror, reflecting the hunter's face.
The hunter's face slowly changed its shape into a big old rocking chair.
The hunter, like a child, cried excitedly, "this is the big rocking chair in my family when I was little.
The hunter continued to stare into the mirror, which reflected a small gray cloth satchel.
"This...... Oh yeah! This is the first grade, my mother saved ten eggs in exchange.
The hunter held up the bottle and watched intently.
Then a lovely girl appeared in the mirror, with bright eyes and small dimples. The little girl smiled and waved.

Slowly, the hunter's eyes filled with tears, and he drew his nose out loud.
"The girl in the neighborhood, alas.. "The huntsman sighed." I wonder where she is now."
The hunter turned the bottle upside down and set the fox. The fox rolled out of the bottle, bowed to the hunter, and darted out into the depths of the prairie.
The hunter picked up the bottle and left satisfied.
From then on, whenever he felt lonely, he took out a bottle and looked at his beloved girl in the mirror.

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