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China Stuffed Toy Hedgehog Factory

Model NO.: M101159 Description: stuffed hedgehog Style: Sitting Animal Material: Plush Usage: Toy, Gift, Promotion Size: 20cm or Customized Sample Time: 5-7 Working Days Trademark: customized HS Code: 9503002100 Age: Any Age Filling: PP Cotton Certification: CE, EN71, ASTM, CPSIA, REACH Color:...

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Model NO.: M101159                                      Description: stuffed hedgehog

Style: Sitting Animal                                        Material: Plush

Usage: Toy, Gift, Promotion                                   Size: 20cm or Customized

Sample Time: 5-7 Working Days                               Trademark: customized

HS Code: 9503002100                                        Age: Any Age

Filling: PP Cotton                                             Certification: CE, EN71, ASTM, CPSIA, REACH

Color: Brown or Customized                                   MOQ: 500PCS Per Style

Loading Port: Shenzhen Or Other City Port                      Origin: Guangdong, China

Package: 1PC in a Poly bag, suitable qty. in a Carton    

           Wholesales stuffed toy plush hedgehog 

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Product name:stuffed toy plush hedgehog 

Material:super soft plush


Package:Opp bag

Product Introduction


stuffed hedgehog

Fabric and filling

super soft plush  filling: polyester


 20cm or Customized


Warm, good hand feeling, good for skin, breathes,   perfect for seasons, soft enough.


1pc in a poly bag, 80pcs in a outer carton

Sample fee

usd70 per style

Sample time

5-7 working days

Delivery details

25-35 working days after sample approval and received   the deposit

OEM service

the size, weight, quality, wash label, package can do   as customers requirement


for gift, toy, promotion

■Hedgehogs are hedgehogs, hedgehogs, gourds, burrs, etc. They are heterothermic animals, because they can not regulate their body temperature stably to keep it at the same level, so hedgehogs hibernate in winter.

■Hedgehogs have hard thorns all over their body except their stomachs. When they are in danger, they roll up into a ball of thorns. Their shape and gentle character are very lovely. Some species are only slightly larger than their palms, so many people now keep them as pets.

■Hedgehog has a very long nose, and its sense of touch and smell are well developed. Its favorite food is ants and termites. When it sniffs food underground, it digs holes with its claws, and then sticks its long, sticky tongue into the hole to get a good meal.

■Hedgehog lives in shrubbery, swimming and heat. Hedgehog begins to hibernate at the end of autumn, until the spring of second, the temperature will warm up to a certain extent before waking up. Hedgehog likes to snore and is similar to humans.

■Hedgehog is a beneficial animal for humans because it preys on a lot of harmful insects.

■Hedgehogs that live freely in the wild wilderness clean up pupae, rats and snakes for parks, gardens and yards, and are unpaid gardeners. Of course, sometimes it is unavoidable to steal one or two fruits, which only means that it is very hungry. There are 36 to 44 teeth with sharp tips, which are suitable for eating insects. When frightened, thorns stand erect and roll up like spines. Hedgehogs are small mammals that are no longer than 25 centimeters long, with a tip of the mouth, small ears and short limbs. Though he is thin and slow in action, he has a good ability to protect himself. The hedgehog has short stubborn thorns, and even its short tail is buried in thorns. When attacked by the enemy, it bends its head to the ventral side, huddles its body in a ball, wraps its head and limbs, and erects thorns like steel thorns, just like the "iron tribulus" on the ancient battlefield, which makes the attacker unable to start. Hedgehog hole is nest, hidden in the nest during the day, and then come out after nightfall. Hedgehogs have a keen sense of smell. They feed on insects and worms. They also eat young birds, eggs, frogs, lizards and occasionally crops. Hedgehog begins to marry and give birth every year in April. The hair of the newborn baby's back is sparse and soft, but it can gradually harden into thorns in a few days. After going into winter, hibernate, you have to sleep for five months before you are willing to come out again. The hedgehog is hibernating everywhere. Desert hedgehogs distributed in the Arabian and Saharan deserts hibernate; their relatives, Hindu hedgehogs, can live for 4 to 6 weeks without food and water, and big ear hedgehogs also have hibernation periods in India; hedgehogs have the ability to tolerate the reduction of body temperature and metabolic rate during the hibernation period in order to survive the difficult period of cold, hot or food shortage.

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