Plush Dinosaur Toy Factory

Plush Dinosaur Toy Factory

Basic Information. Description :Plush Dinosaur Toy Factory Model NO.: M101111 Age: Any Age MOQ: 500PCS Per Style Material: Plush Sample fee: US$ 60 per style. Filling : Polyester . Size: 45cm L or Customized Trademark: Customized Sample Time: 5-7 Working Days HS Code: 9503002100 Fabric: Super...

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Basic Information.

Description:Plush Dinosaur Toy Factory

Model NO.:  M101111                     Age:  Any Age

MOQ:  500PCS Per Style                  Material:  Plush

Sample fee:  US$ 60 per style.             Filling:  Polyester.

Size:  45cm L or Customized              Trademark:  Customized

Sample Time:  5-7 Working Days          HS Code:  9503002100

Fabric:  Super soft plush.                 Origin:  Guangdong, China

Usage:  For gift, toy, promotion.    

Certification:  CE, EN71, ASTM, CPSIA, REACH

Loading Port:  Shenzhen Or Other City Port

Package:  One PC in a Poly bag, suitable quantity in a Carton

Delivery details: 25-35 working days after sample approval and received the deposit.

OEM service:  Warm, good hand felling, good for skin, breathes, perfect for seasons, soft enough.

Classification of dinosaurs
Dinosaurs were divided into two groups based on the shape of their hip bones: sauropod dinosaurs (sauropod hips) and bird-hip dinosaurs (bird-hip). The two lower hip bones of a sauropod, one extending downward (the pubis) and the other downward (the ischium), and that of a bird-hipped dinosaur. Both of the lower hip bones are coming down. For more information, please go to the dinosaur category.
Time division
Dinosaurs lived during three periods in earth's history: the Triassic, Jurassic and cretaceous. Different species of dinosaurs lived and died out during these three periods. Each species of dinosaur probably survived only 2-3 million years.

Breeding of dinosaurs
Dinosaurs reproduce the same way as living reptiles. China's dinosaur egg fossil is extremely rich, it has great significance for the classification of dinosaurs and stratigraphic comparison. Dinosaur eggs are often laid in nests, with a nest of up to 20 to 30, overlapping layers and arranged in concentric circles. The more round the egg is, the bigger the egg is. The egg form has circular, also have elliptic, small diameter only 50-60 millimeter, big can reach 500 millimeter above, the egg case has smooth, have take grain shape, also have to be full of furrow. They represent different dinosaur relics. Paleontology, according to the characteristics of dinosaur eggs speculation, dinosaur after mating, the female dinosaurs first choose a sunny slightly high terrain, then himself with a round pit, in the middle of the round pit there was a heap of swell soil, it may be to grow to the egg into 40 degrees tilt is arranged on the mound, make it susceptible to damage the egg to the ground. Then, lay eggs around the pit, and after laying one circle, bury them in the soil. Next, every two rounds, up to four. When the dinosaur bury the egg, it should be abandoned, mainly relying on the sun to hatch. The incubation period of dinosaur eggs is unclear. It is estimated that after the baby dinosaur broke its shell, it could live independently without the care of its parents. But according to research, dinosaurs also have a mother's love heart, when groups of dinosaurs move, big dinosaurs always surround small dinosaurs in the middle, to play a protective role.

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