Soft Spcial Duck Toy Manufactory

Soft Spcial Duck Toy Manufactory

Basic Information. Description :Soft Spcial Duck Toy Manufactory Model NO.: M101094 Age: Any Age MOQ: 500PCS Per Style Material: Plush Sample fee: US$ 60 per style. Filling: Polyester . Size: 45cm L or Customized Trademark: Customized Sample Time: 5-7 Working Days HS Code: 9503002100 Fabric:...

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Basic Information.

Description:Soft Spcial Duck Toy Manufactory

Model NO.:  M101094                     Age:  Any Age

MOQ:  500PCS Per Style                  Material:  Plush

Sample fee:  US$ 60 per style.             Filling:  Polyester.

Size:  45cm L or Customized              Trademark:  Customized

Sample Time:  5-7 Working Days          HS Code:  9503002100

Fabric:  Super soft plush.                 Origin:  Guangdong, China

Usage:  For gift, toy, promotion.    

Certification:  CE, EN71, ASTM, CPSIA, REACH

Loading Port:  Shenzhen Or Other City Port

Package:  One PC in a Poly bag, suitable quantity in a Carton

Delivery details: 25-35 working days after sample approval and received the deposit.

OEM service:  Warm, good hand felling, good for skin, breathes, perfect for seasons, soft enough.

One day, mother duck was going out. She said to the baby duck: "mother to go out, you play at home, mother cut a watermelon, you eat half a day, you do not leave home." With that, mother duck went out.
The ducklings were munching on watermelon, and the skin was all over the place.
After a while, duck elder two say: "elder brother, play at home true not interesting, we go to play outside good?"
The duck little brother say: "isn't mother say that can't leave a house?"
The old duck said, "go away, go away.

The duck younger brother dare not oneself at home, have to also follow them to play together.
They walked and walked until they came to the little river, a beautiful place. The lotus flower is very beautiful, like a little girl. Willow sister's hair was blown by the wind, natural and beautiful. Little grass sister just out of the quilt, soft and weak. The ducklings jumped into the river, and they swam about in it. What a good time...
Then mother duck came back. Pushing open the door, the room was a mess.
Mother duck said angrily, "who did it?" It must have been the ducklings.

Mother duck cried a few times. There was no sound of baby duck in the room. Mother duck said to herself, "these naughty ducklings, don't know where they will go... "

The mother duck looked everywhere and came to the little river. When she saw the ducklings playing happily in the water, she was not angry.
When the ducklings saw their mother coming back, they hurried to the shore and went home with her.

A duckling sleeps late at home during the day. At night he felt very hungry and went to the pond to find something to eat.
All of a sudden, the ducklings found that there was something shiny in the pond. What is this? Oh, here are the stars. The duck thought, the star must have fallen into the water. I will eat the stars instead of catching fish. The stars must be better than the little ones.
Thinking of this, the duckling jumped into the water excitedly. The duckling swims in the water, its big open mouth like a spade shoveling in the water.

The fish swam over and looked curiously, wondering what the duckling was doing.
Frog jump over: "quack, really good-looking, small duck is performing!"
"Yi? Strange! "Said the duckling to himself." why are you still hungry after eating a lot of stars? I have to eat more."
After a while, the duckling got tired of eating and waddled home.
Back home, he said to his mother, "mom, I ate a pond of stars."
Mother smiled and asked, "what do the stars smell like?"

"The stars are not good at all, they have no taste."
Mother duck took the duckling to the pond and said, "see? And a pond of stars."
The duckling looked at the stars in the pond, then at the stars in the sky, and thought, "what is this?"
Can you tell the duckling what's going on?

On the writing lesson, the little duck write of the word very not good-looking, stagger. He looks at the chicken. Ah! The chicken writes really well. He was green with envy. He saw the chicken's pen was different from his own. Thought: am I using a bad pen? So he began to borrow a pen from the chicken.
After class, he went to borrow a pen from the chicken. The chicken say: "good ah, however, I want to change a pen with you." The duckling agreed. He played happily.

On the second writing lesson, the duckling writes with a chicken pen. But, after a while, the duckling still felt his own handwriting slanted. He looked at the chicken again. The chicken writes as well as ever. He asked the chicken, "why can you write well no matter whose pen you use?" The chicken
Answer: "that's because you can't write well because you don't pay attention."
The duckling understood, and he changed the pen back. From then on, the duckling wrote faithfully. The teacher also because it's good handwriting, let it represent the class to take part in the writing contest!

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