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Fabric and filling

super soft plush  filling: polyester


Warm, good hand feeling, good for skin, breathes, perfect for seasons, soft enough.

Sample fee

usd70 per style

Delivery details

25-35 working days after sample approval and received the deposit

OEM service

the size, weight, quality, wash label, package can do as customers requirement

Contact Methods

Tel.: 86-769-33665826


Add:No.883, S358 provincial highway, Shatou,

 Chang An Town, Dongguan, Guangdong


We believe that our products are the best choice for you.Compare with other similar suppliers,we are good in quality,superior in workmanship,competitive in price,newest in design and complete in size.

Story: The elephant in the forest is as big as a hill, with four legs as thick as a stone column and a long nose as a python. When it was on fire, one could knock down other wild animals, one foot could step on a big hole in the mud, and one nose could uproot large trees. Therefore, birds and animals within a radius of hundreds of miles, and small grass and trees under the mountain slope, are afraid of it, and will not invite it for no reason. So, the elephants have always had a more peaceful and stable life.

However, unexpected things often happen in life.

One day, all the trees in the forest heard a huge and violent "boom boom". The bird flew to the entrance of every road on the mountain and saw no one. Is there going to be an earthquake? The mole saw no sign of it in the deep passages below. It was an elephant stomping its feet in anger. However, no other animals were found around the elephants, nor were any attempts to attack them. What's going on here?
It was getting hot, and a few mosquitoes from the pool bit him; and though the elephant's skin was thick, they flew round him, and tried to get into his ears, which tickled him beyond endurance. It shook its big ears as hard as it could, and shook its long nose as hard as it could. So it roared, it stamped its feet, to no avail.

Then the elephant calmed down and left the pool and went to a more ventilated and slightly dry place on the edge of the forest.

---- -self - important, aggressive, often counterproductive. -- -- -- -- -- -

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