Stuffed Animal Toy Factory

Stuffed Animal Toy Factory

Basic Information. Description :Stuffed Animal Toy Factory Model NO.: M101112 Age: Any Age MOQ: 500PCS Per Style Material: Plush Sample fee: US$ 60 per style. Filling : Polyester . Size: 45cm L or Customized Trademark: Customized Sample Time: 5-7 Working Days HS Code: 9503002100 Fabric: Super...

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Basic Information.

Description:Stuffed Animal Toy Factory

Model NO.:  M101112                     Age:  Any Age

MOQ:  500PCS Per Style                  Material:  Plush

Sample fee:  US$ 60 per style.             Filling:  Polyester.

Size:  45cm L or Customized              Trademark:  Customized

Sample Time:  5-7 Working Days          HS Code:  9503002100

Fabric:  Super soft plush.                 Origin:  Guangdong, China

Usage:  For gift, toy, promotion.    

Certification:  CE, EN71, ASTM, CPSIA, REACH

Loading Port:  Shenzhen Or Other City Port

Package:  One PC in a Poly bag, suitable quantity in a Carton

Delivery details: 25-35 working days after sample approval and received the deposit.

OEM service:  Warm, good hand felling, good for skin, breathes, perfect for seasons, soft enough.

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