Stuffed Animal Toy Plush Lamb

Stuffed Animal Toy Plush Lamb

​Characteristic:The sheep with white soft fur,the cavel is brown.

Product Details

Basic Information.

Model NO.: M1-00906

Description: Soft Sheep

Style: Pillwo

Material: Plush

Size: 20cm L or Customized

Sample Time: 5-7 Working Days

Trademark: customized

HS Code: 9503002100

Age: Any Age

Certification: CE, EN71, ASTM, CPSIA, REACH

Color:  Customized

MOQ: 500PCS Per Style

Loading Port: Shenzhen Or Other City Port

Origin: Guangdong, China

Package: 1PC in a Poly bag, suitable quantity in a Carton

Stuffed Animal Toy Plush Soft Sheep    
Product Introdution Soft Sheep.
Fabric  Super soft plush..
Filling polyester.
Size 30CM or customized.
Sample fee USD60 per style.
Usage For gift, toy, promotion.
Package 1pcs in a polybag, 50pcs in a outer carton.
Delivey datails 25-35 working days after sample approval and received the deposit.
OEM service The size, weight, quality, wash label, package can do as customers   requirment.
Features Warm,good hand feeling,good for skin,breathes, perfect for seasons,soft   enough.




Characteristic:The sheep with white soft fur,the cavel is brown.

STORY: Once upon a time there was a sheep in the village. And she bare seven lambs, and three female, and four male. And love them as all mothers love their children.

One day, the ewe took seven goats for a walk. A rabbit came in a hurry. She was a good neighbor of the house next door. The little sheep began to cry, but one little black sheep did not cry, and the rabbit said to the seven little sheep, "you must not go out." The lamb said, "I see, aunt rabbit!"
The next day the ewe went to the hospital, and because her mother was suddenly ill, she called all seven of her children and said to them, "dear children, I am going to the hospital to visit your grandmother. If you let the Wolf in, he will eat all of you -- all of your hair and belts. The villain often disguises himself, but you can recognize him by his gruff voice, by his black claws. The lambs said, "dear mother, we will take care. Go ahead, don't worry. She bleated and went to see her mother.

After a while, the Wolf began to break into the village. All the animals in the village saw the Wolf run away and shut the door tightly. The Wolf came to the lamb's house and said loudly, "open the door, my dear child. Your mom is back and has brought something back for each of you." But when the lambs heard their hoarse voices, they knew at once that the Wolf was coming. "We will not open the door," they cried, "you are not our mother. Our mother has a soft, pleasant voice when she speaks, but your voice is very rough, you are a Wolf! So the Wolf ran to the grocer and bought a jar of honey and ate it. Then he came back and knocked at the door of the goat's house and cried, open the door, my dear child Your mom is back and has brought something for each of you." But the Wolf laid his black PAWS against the window, and when the lambs saw them they cried out, we will not open the door Our mother doesn't have a black paw like you. You are the Wolf! So the Wolf ran to the baker and said, "I have hurt my foot. Rub some dough on it for me.

When the baker had rubbed his feet over, the Wolf ran to the miller and said, "sprinkle some white flour on my feet." The miller thought, "the Wolf wants to deceive someone," and refused. But the Wolf said, "if you don't do it, I will eat you." The miller was afraid, so he spilled some flour and made the Wolf's claws white. This is the man!

The villain went to the lamb's for the third time, knocked on the door and said, "open the door, children. Your good mother is back, and has brought something back from the forest for each of you. The lambs cried, "first show us your feet, so that we may know if you are our mother." The Wolf put his PAWS in through the window, and when the lambs saw that they were white, they believed he was telling the truth, and opened the door. But in came the Wolf! The lambs were terrified and all wanted to hide. The first lamb jumped under the table, the second into the bed, the third into the stove, the fourth into the kitchen, the fifth into the cupboard, the sixth under the washing-bowl, and the seventh into the clock-case. The Wolf hunted them all out, and the Wolf ate six little sheep, but the smallest one, which was hidden in the clock box, was not found by the Wolf. When the Wolf was satisfied with his food, he left the sheep house and went to a big tree in the green grass. He lay down and began to sleep...

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