Wholesale Plush Zebra Animal Toy

Wholesale Plush Zebra Animal Toy

Model NO.: M101162 Description: plush zebra Style: standing animal Material: Plush Usage: Toy, Gift, Promotion Size: 20cm or Customized Sample Time: 5-7 Working Days Trademark: customized HS Code: 9503002100 Age: Any Age Filling: PP Cotton Certification: CE, EN71, ASTM, CPSIA, REACH Color:...

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Model NO.: M101162          Description: plush zebra

Style: standing animal                    Material: Plush

Usage: Toy, Gift, Promotion          Size: 20cm or Customized

Sample Time: 5-7 Working Days      Trademark: customized

HS Code: 9503002100               Age: Any Age

Filling: PP Cotton                    Certification: CE, EN71, ASTM, CPSIA, REACH

Color:  Customized                  MOQ: 500PCS Per Style

Loading Port: Shenzhen Or Other City Port   Origin: Guangdong, China

Package: 1PC in a Poly bag, suitable qty. in a Carton    

                  Wholesale Plush zebra stuffed animal toys

plush zebra pictures:

Zebra stripes effect:

fixed, equally spaced striping pattern is established in the embryo.Later in the process of embryonic development, due to the development of different parts of the body, the baby after birth, different parts of the stripes formed, some broad, some narrow.Zebras, for example, have wider stripes on their neck, so the earliest pattern of stripes on their neck must be determined by the seventh week of embryonic development, before the neck elongates.The strand near the nostrils is thin, so the earliest form of streaking in this region must be determined by the fifth week of embryonic development, before the nose expands;The stripe of hip is the widest, explain hip and the rest of the body are to develop in proportion.Stripes, on the other hand, also can not be earlier than the fifth week of embryonic development before, because the zebra a has a striped tail, the tail has yet to appear before the fifth week of embryonic development, the embryo is about 32 mm, the length of the stripe is about 80, the number of original can be calculated accordingly determine the width of each stripe is about 400 microns, namely each stripe have 20 width of embryonic cells.As to why the stripes on its limbs were horizontal, it is possible that all the stripes were formed mechanically by turning an Angle on the leg during embryonic development.

The stripes of zebras are beautiful and elegant, which is one of the main marks for mutual recognition among the zebra, and more importantly, they form the protective color of the environment, which is an important defense method to ensure their survival.In the open prairie and desert, the streaks of black, brown and white reflect light differently in sunlight or moonlight, blurring or diffusing the contours of their bodies, making it difficult to distinguish them from their surroundings.This protective effect of not exposing the target is very beneficial to the animal itself.Research in recent years has also suggested that the stripes on zebras can distract and weaken the attention of the stinging flies on the prairie, as a means of preventing them from biting, the insects that transmit sleep diseases, often biting horses, antelopes and other monochrome animals that make life less threatening for zebras.This kind of protection color is gradually formed due to long-term adaptation to environment and natural selection, because there have been some zebras with no obvious stripes in history, which are easy to be exposed to natural enemies, killed and finally extinct, and gradually eliminated in the long process of biological evolution.Only the stripy, highly visible variety has survived to this day.Humans have been inspired by this phenomenon, and applied the principle of the stripe protection color to the combat at sea, painting the warship with the color similar to the zebra stripes, so as to blur the sight of each other, to conceal themselves and confuse the enemy

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