Plush Gray Raccoon Toy

Plush Gray Raccoon Toy

Basic Information. Description :Plush Grey Raccoon Toy Model NO.: M101031 Age: Any Age MOQ: 500PCS Per Style Material: Plush Sample fee: US$ 60 per style. Filling : Polyester . Size: 45cm L or Customized Trademark: Customized Sample Time: 5-7 Working Days HS Code: 9503002100 Fabric: Super soft...

Product Details

Basic Information.

Description:Plush Grey Raccoon Toy

Model NO.:  M101031                     Age:  Any Age

MOQ:  500PCS Per Style                  Material:  Plush

Sample fee:  US$ 60 per style.             Filling:  Polyester.

Size:  45cm L or Customized              Trademark:  Customized

Sample Time:  5-7 Working Days          HS Code:  9503002100

Fabric:  Super soft plush.                 Origin:  Guangdong, China

Usage:  For gift, toy, promotion.    

Certification:  CE, EN71, ASTM, CPSIA, REACH

Loading Port:  Shenzhen Or Other City Port

Package:  One PC in a Poly bag, suitable quantity in a Carton

Delivery details: 25-35 working days after sample approval and received the deposit.

OEM service:  Warm, good hand felling, good for skin, breathes, perfect for seasons, soft enough.

Knowledge: Life habits

The raccoon
Raccoons are "strong swimmers" who like to live in trees near rivers, lakes or ponds, and they mostly pair or form families. Raccoons mostly rest in trees during the day and come out at night. They often live in trees and build their nests in trees. During the day they sleep in hollowed-out trees and holes in rocks or the ground, and when tracked by black bears, it escapes to the treetops to hide. In winter, raccoons in the north also hide in tree holes to hibernate.
Raccoons are nocturnal. Going out after twelve o 'clock in the evening, the Canadian called it a mysterious thief.
Although a carnivore, raccoons tend to be omnivorous. The diet of spring and early summer is mainly composed of insects, worms and so on. In late summer, autumn and winter, it prefers fruit and nuts such as acorns and walnuts. Raccoons rarely eat active or large prey, such as birds and mammals. Raccoons prefer easier prey, especially fish, amphibians and bird eggs.

Breeding way

Raccoons only pair during breeding. Male raccoons mate with several females at the same time, but females generally accept only one mate. Males, usually gentle and quiet, often shout and fight with each other during mating season.

Raccoon mating season is 1 or 2 months, gestation period is 63 to 65 days, give birth once a year, give birth to young (affected by weather) in 4 or 5 months, one fetus is 3 to 7, but usually 4. It generally lives in the tree hole, cave or cave. The infant can be weaned at the end of summer and begin to live independently. Raccoons don't hibernate, but the cold winter can hide away.
Raccoons generally live only a few years, with the longest known life span in the wild being 12 years .

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