Fruit Cushion

Custom New design fruit plush cushion for baby Model NO.: M1701151 Description: fruit cushion Style: Cushion Material: Plush Usage: Gift, Toy, Promotion Size: 35cm or Customized Sample Time: 5-7 Working Days Trademark: customized HS Code: 9503002100 Age: Any Age Filling: PP Cotton Certification:...

Product Details

Custom New design fruit plush cushion for baby

Model NO.: M1701151

Description: fruit cushion

Style: Cushion

Material: Plush

Usage: Gift, Toy, Promotion

Size: 35cm or Customized

Sample Time: 5-7 Working Days

Trademark: customized

HS Code: 9503002100

Age: Any Age

Filling: PP Cotton

Certification: CE, EN71, ASTM,CPSIA, REACH

Color:  Customized

MOQ: 500PCS Per Style

Loading Port: Shenzhen Or Other City Port

Origin: Guangdong, China

Package: 1PC in a Poly bag, suitable qty. in a Carton

About Packing and Delivery

1.One piece into a poly bag

2.Suitable quantity per export carton

3.Loading Port: Shenzhen or Guangzhou, China

About Payment

1.T/T: 30% deposit in advance and balance paid after inspection before shipping

2.L/C at sight

3.If small business and delivery by express, Escrow or PayPal is also supplied

4.Sample: $50-$100 based on different design and size, 100% pay advance. But will be deduced in the order

Main Markets

Total Revenue (%)

Main Product(s)

North America


Plush toys and festival gifts

Western Europe


Plush toys and festival gifts

Eastern Asia


Plush toys and festival gifts

Southeast Asia


Plush toys and festival gifts



Plush toys and festival gifts

Total Annual Revenue:

$3million-$5 million

Total Export Revenue :

$2.7million-$4.5 million

Export Percentage:


Business Terms

Accepted Delivery Terms:

FOB, EXW, CIF, Express

Accepted Payment Currency:


Accepted Payment Type:

T/T, L/C, Western Union, PayPal

Nearest Port:

Shenzhen, Guangzhou

Details images:

This is a fruit shape pillow with realistic color and shape, can also be used as decoration,as well as children's toys.

fruit cushion(1)(001).jpg fruit cushion(3)(001).jpg fruit cushion(4)(001).jpg

fruit cushion(5)(001).jpg fruit cushion(6)(001).jpg fruit cushion(7)(001).jpg

Product Details:

Product Introduction


fruit cushion

Fabric and filling

super soft plush  filling: polyester


35cm or Customized


Warm, good hand feeling, good for skin, breathes,    perfect for seasons, soft enough.


1pc in a poly bag, 18pcs in a outer carton

Sample fee

usd70 per style

Sample time

5-7 working days

Delivery details

25-35 working days after sample approval and received    the deposit

OEM service

the size, weight, quality, wash label, package can do    as customers requirement


Gift, Toy, Promotion



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The pillow is generally composed of the pillow core and pillowcase. Pillow core needs filling material, make the pillow maintains certain height when using, filling material on pillow market is various at present, among them Chinese medicinal materials such as cassia seed, wild chrysanthemum, silkworm sand; There are grains such as buckwheat husk, bran, cotton; In addition, corduroy, dandelion, waste tea and other materials are used as filling materials. In addition, materials processed by modern technologies, such as porous vacuum cotton, slow springback sponge, are all filling materials with high popularity in the market. Traditional Chinese medicine has been considered as the best pillow filling material since ancient times. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that as the pillow filling material, traditional Chinese medicine can slowly exert its pharmacological effects in people's long sleep and play their respective functions, which can play the role of physical health and even cure diseases. Grain and other plant materials have always been considered as traditional filling materials, mainly because they contain quite rich amino acid ingredients. In people's sleep, through skin friction and breathing, they can be partially absorbed by the human body. Pillow core materials made by modern technology are mainly about the comfort of pillows. Pillowcases come in three basic styles: plain one, Oxford (with flat sides) and fringed

All three types of pillowcases have an inner seal to hold the pillow in place so you don't need to put some reinforcement on both sides. Cotton, cotton-polyester and man-made fibers can all be used to sew pillowcases, but the most comfortable pillowcase material is pure cotton fabric with good air permeability and moisture absorption, and does not irritate the skin.

The basic classification

The classification of pillow also is multifarious, the ancients used to distinguish the pillow as winter pillow, summer pillow or soft pillow, hard pillow, this classification is very accord with the way of health preservation
Some people prefer a harder pillow, while others prefer a softer one. According to the pillow function of modern divided into head pillow, waist pillow, pillow, ear pillow, knee pillow and so on. And from the pillow material classification on more: jade, magnetite, such as stone pillow; Wooden pillows such as sandalwood and cypress; Chinese medicine pillow such as semen cassiae, silkworm sand and chrysanthemum; There are also pillows like water pillows, air pillows and tea pillows. The pillow world of shi zhibao currently includes 12 categories and more than 50 types of functions. These pillow are respectively in different times, be loved by people with different characteristic, its performance is practical also have actor bad each.

Folding is introduced

If many modern people can't use pillows, this is a bit unconvincing, because it should be the simplest thing. But the fact is really such, according to the way of preserving one's health of Chinese medicine, use in the pillow most fastidious a few respects: of pillow core high, low, soft, hard reach permeability, modern people has a lot of understanding mistake area, existence a lot of unreasonable habit.

Reasonable folding height

"Rest easy" is a dangerous idea. According to professor li zhiguang, the normal physiological state of cervical vertebra can be maintained during sleep, so that the skin, muscles, ligaments, intervertebral joints and tissues such as trachea, esophagus and nerves through the neck can be relaxed and rested with the whole human body. Normal people sleep on high pillows, whether lying on their backs or on their sides, which will change the physiological state of the cervical spine and make some local muscles in the neck overly tense. Over time, neck muscle strain, contracture occurs, prompted the positions of cervical vertebra small changes occur, causing cervical nerve root and vessels were stimulated or oppression, reflex spasm, even cause brain blood supply shortage, the neck, shoulders, back, arms hemp pain or dizziness, headaches, vision loss, tinnitus, the symptom such as nausea, hearing impairment. The high pillow is one of the common causes of the disease of stiff neck and neck. In addition, the occiput will increase the Angle of neck and chest, so that the airway is blocked, easy to cause dry pharynx, pharynx pain and nasal snoring. The pillow still can make pectoral back muscle is long-term tensed, bosom is pressed, hinder normal breath, grow this to go down certain to bring bad effect to the body. Normal people go to the pillow to sleep for a long time low pillow, also can change cervical vertebra physiology condition. Because the vein of the head has no valve, gravity can make venous circumfluence in the brain become slow, arterial blood supply increases relatively, appear consequently head rises, be agitated, insomnia and so on unwell, low pillow has bad effect especially to the patient of hypertension and atherosclerosis

In general, people with high blood pressure, heart disease, and asthma need a pillow. People with low blood pressure and anemia need to sleep on low pillows. Too high or too low a pillow is bad for human health. So for normal people, how high should the pillow be? General understanding is: the habit supine

People who sleep on their side are more likely to sleep on their side. But according to a recent medical survey, healthy people change their posture about 20-45 times during an eight-hour sleep, and half of them change their position within 5 minutes, with 60 percent lying on their back, 35 percent on their side and 5 percent on their stomach. So although said people need pillow height often vary from person to person, and everyone's height, fat, shoulder width, head circumference and the length of the neck and neck radian, there is no certain standard, but the average person sleep due to the use of supine posture more time, general doctors will recommend the use of a punch more highly advisable, unfavorable to the height of a fist and a half.

New research results have emerged in recent years on the reasonable height of pillows. In the entry high and low pillow, a table is given, called "bold lines are correct". Using ergonomic principles, the idea abstracts a model used at the beginning of the study :" when people use lying posture for rest and sleep, they can maintain their natural body posture without their neck. "-- on this basis, according to national standard gb10000-88 "Chinese adult body size" data, through research, deduction, making necessary approximate setting, proper classification and rounding processing, the reasonable and appropriate side sleeper and supine pillow height data table for Chinese adults was deduced. This is a systematic, holistic, and therefore much more scientific than all of its predecessors, including the distinction between men and women, by height, by height, by height, by height, and a data grid that takes into account the structure of the head and neck, the explicit distinction between the supine and the side-lying, the reasonable height of the pillow.

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