Plush Halloween Pumpkin Toy Factory

Plush Halloween Pumpkin Toy Factory

Plush Halloween Pumpkin Toy,Pumpkin head; According to a Halloween legend, if someone puts a jack-o-lantern on their window on a Halloween night, it means that someone dressed in Halloween costumes can knock on the door and ask for candy.​

Product Details

Plush Halloween Pumpkin Toy

Basic Information.

Model NO.: M1-00926

Description:Pumpkin Toy

Style: toy

Material: Plush

Size: 35cm L or Customized

Sample Time: 5-7 Working Days

Trademark: customized

HS Code: 9503002100

Age: Any Age

Certification: CE, EN71, ASTM, CPSIA, REACH

Color:  Customized

MOQ: 500PCS Per Style

Loading Port: Shenzhen Or Other City Port

Origin: Guangdong, China



Pumpkin toy




Warm,good hand feeling,good for   skin,breathes, perfect for seasons,soft enough.


1pc in a polybag, 50pcs in a outer carton

Sample fee

USD60 per style

Delivey datails

25-35 working days after sample approval   and received the deposit

OEM service

The size, weight, quality, wash label,   package can do as customers requirment


For gift, toy, Promotion

Product picture


Pumpkin head; According to a Halloween legend, if someone puts a jack-o-lantern on their window on a Halloween night, it means that someone dressed in Halloween costumes can knock on the door and ask for candy.




 About the samples fee

1. Why do you charge samples fee?
We need to order the material for your customized designs, we need to pay the printing and embroidery, and we need to pay our designers salary. Once you pay the sample fee, it means we have the contract with you, we will take responsibility for your samples, until you say “ok, it is perfect”.

2. How much is the samples fee?
The account is up to your sample size and style usually it is 60 to 100 USD, but if there are many embroideries or printings, and it is complex, the sample fee will be higher.

3. Is the sample fee refunded when the order is placed?
Yes, if your order amount is more than 10,000 USD, the sample fee will be refunded to you.

4. How can get the free samples?
When your value of trade reaches 50,000 USD, you will be our VIP customer. And all your samples will be free, meantime the samples time will be much shorter than normal.

5. What is the samples time?
It is 3-7 days according to the different samples. If you want the samples urgently, it can be done within three days.

6. If I send my own samples to you, you duplicate the sample for me, should I pay the samples fee?
No, once we promise you that we can do it, you will not pay any fees any more.

7. How about the sample freight?
If you have an international express account, you can choose freight collect, if not, you can pay the freight together with the sample fee.

8. If I don’t like the sample when I receive it, can you modify it for you?
Yes, until you say “yes, it is ok”.


About the price

1. Do you have a competitive price?
Of course, we have. Have a try, you will know it.

2. How can I get the discount?
The discount is up to your order quantity. Small order will have higher price.
Your rolling order can help you get a bigger discount.
Delivery time, material and Graft will influence the price.


About the quality

1. How do you control the quality?
Our factory has almost ten years experiences in plush toys manufacture. And most of our workers are 10-20 years experiences in plush toys. 
We check the finish toys one by one, make sure the quality is good.


Pumpkin (scientific name: Cucurbita moschata Duch (Duch. Ex Lam.). The ex Poiret) gourd conan melon belongs to a kind of, annual herb, sprawling stem section department to take root, often stipes stout, wide blade ovate or ovoid, slightly soft qualitative, veins bulge, tendril slightly thick, monoecious, stem stout, rib and groove, owing to the different varieties, often several longitudinal furrow or without outside, most seeds, long ovate or oblong.

Native to Mexico and Central America, widely cultivated around the world. Ming dynasty introduced into China, now south and north around a wide range of planting. The fruit can be eaten as food and can be substituted for food. All parts of the plant are also used for medicinal purposes. The seeds contain the amino acid of pumpkin seeds, which has the effect of heat clearing and dehumidification, insect repellent, control and killing of schistosomiasis, the vine has the effect of heat clearing, the guardia has the effect of placenta, and the root treatment of toothache.

Pumpkin Morphological characteristics

Annual creeping herbs; Stem often rooting, elongate up to 2-5 meters, densely white short bristles. 
Petiole stout, 8-19 cm long, covered with short bristles; Wide blade ovate or ovoid, slightly soft, there are 5 Angle or shallow crack, loose blunt, 12-25 centimeters long, about 20 to 30 cm wide, lateral lobes small, middle lobe larger, triangular, densely yellow-white above bristles and pastel, often spiny, veins bulge, midrib often extends to the top of the lobes, into a small point, with lighter color on the back, more apparent, MAO edge has a small and densely serrulate, apex slightly obtuse. The tendrils are slightly stout and covered with short bristles and fine hairs, like petioles.
Hermaphroditism. Male flowers solitary; Calyx tube campanulate, 5-6 mm long, lobes striate, 1-1.5 cm long, pubescent, upper extended into lobes; Corolla yellow, campanulate, 8 cm long, 6 cm in diameter, 5 medium-lobed, lobes margin unrolled, crinkled, apex acute; Stamens 3, filaments glandular, 5-8 mm long, anthers close, 15 mm long, chamber folded. Female flowers solitary; Ovary 1 compartment, style short, stigma 3, swollen, apical 2-lobed.
Fruiting stems stout, ribbed and slotted, 5-7 cm long, growing into trumpet - shaped gourd; Opo berry is variously shaped and varies from variety to variety, with several longitudinal ditches or no outside. Seeds numerous, ovate or oblong, gray-white, margin thin, 10-15 mm long, 7-10 mm wide.

Distribution of growth

Pumpkin is a kind of warm and short sunshine plant with strong drought resistance and not strict requirements on soil.
Native to Mexico and Central America, widely cultivated around the world. Asia has the most cultivated area, followed by Europe and South America. Cultivation is common in China.


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