Analysis of industry standards for plush toys

- Nov 07, 2018 -

1. In view of the strict requirements on toy safety in Europe, the United States and other countries and the frequent claims of foreign consumers to domestic toy manufacturers due to safety problems

To happen.The safety of toys must be paid great attention to.

A. manual needle must be placed on the fixed soft bag, and can not be inserted directly on the toy.

B. the broken needle must find another needle, and then report the two needles to the head of the workshop team. In exchange for the new needle, the toy that cannot find the broken needle must be found through the probe device.

C. only one working needle can be issued for each hand.All steel tools should be placed in a uniform way, not placed at will;

D. use the steel brush correctly. After the brush is finished, feel the brush by hand.

2. The accessories on the toy body, including eyes, nose, buttons, ribbon, bow tie, etc., may be swallowed by the child (consumer), and there is a danger. Therefore, all accessories must be tightly fastened and meet the requirements of tension.

A. eyes and nose must withstand the pull of 21LBS;

B. Ribbons, flowers and buttons must bear the pull of 4LBS;

C. The position quality inspector must always test the pull force of the above parts, and sometimes find problems, and solve them together with the engineer and workshop;

3. All toys with plastic bags must be printed with warning words and punched in the bottom to prevent children from putting them on the head.

4. All filaments, reticules must have warning signs and age markers.

5. All cloth materials for toys should not contain toxic chemicals, so as to avoid the risk of tongue licking of children;

6. No scissors, drills or other metal articles shall be left in the packing box.

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