Chinese toy culture with a long history

- Nov 06, 2018 -

Chinese toy culture has a long history, as early as the neolithic age, human primitive toys, such as stone ball, pottery xun, pottery whistle.With the continuous development and improvement of Chinese economy, science and technology, culture and art, many colorful and exquisite and charming toys have been created.It reflects the development of economy, science and technology, culture and art as well as people's living conditions at a certain historical stage in China, and has distinct national characteristics.It is an integral part of the fine tradition of Chinese culture and occupies a unique position in the development history of Chinese culture.Some toys have even become pioneers or inspirations for the development of science, technology and culture and art in the world.It has played a positive role in promoting people's physical and mental health, enriching people's life contents, increasing knowledge, cultivating morality, boldly pursuing and creating, and has become one of the indispensable important contents in people's cultural and entertainment life.Has a strong vitality, spread to date, and create brilliant.

Mud toys from the archaeological excavations of a large number of han dynasty "mud che tile dog", "horse riding" park "from the cultural relics to see that the molding and kneading process at that time have reached a fairly exquisite level.The variety, simple and vivid images created, all have a clear theme and rich cultural connotation, it has a certain influence and promotion on the development of sculpture art and Musical Instruments (such as pottery xun, etc.) in the future.

Weiqi, a kind of chess toy, began to spread abroad in the han dynasty, and was listed as one of the four elements of cultural accomplishment in the tang dynasty.Chess, to the formation of the song dynasty, has become China's most popular popular game toys.

The kite integrates various functions such as entertainment, fitness, competition, appreciation and even communication exploration, and is closely combined with contemporary culture, art and folk festivals, reflecting the rich connotation of the development of traditional toy culture in China.Long before the han dynasty, China used fixed wing flight technology to realize the flying was created.It played an important role in the invention of aircraft and the development of aviation science, and was a great innovation in human history.It is said that there is a Chinese kite hanging in the hall of the American museum of astronautics in Washington. It says "the earliest flying machine of mankind was Chinese kite and rocket".Chinese kites were introduced abroad around the 12th century.It wasn't until 1804 that the father of British aviation, George kelly, built a kite glider, and in 1903 the Wright brothers in the United States installed engines on the gliders, making them the world's first powered aerial vehicles.

Tangram has been spread around the world in the 19th century, and foreigners call it "tang tu", "ingenious Chinese puzzle".The regularity of its length and inner Angle is the embodiment of the principle of intensional mathematics.Many people at home and abroad have studied from the Angle of mathematics and geometry.

It has been spread abroad in the 15th century and is called Chinese Ring by foreigners. It is considered as one of the most mysterious toys invented by human beings.

It was created in the song dynasty.The structure of the revolving lamp is powered by the hot air generated by the burning of candles. The windmill, which is similar to the blade of the windmill, makes the decorative pattern of the lamp rotate.It is the first device in the world to generate mechanical rotation by using hot gas flow.It has the same basic principles as steam turbines and gas turbines.Such devices did not appear until the 16th century in Europe.Another kind of rolling lamp, its internal structure mainly comes from the ancient "fumigation".It is two concentric circles with a shaft inside the ring, holding the small bowl containing spices inside the ring. When rotating the aromatherapy ball, the small bowl can always maintain an upward position, making it relatively stable.Move it to the roll lamp to use, which ensures that the roll lamp keeps the lamp in a stable upward position when rolling.Its scientific principle is similar to the universal bracket in modern gyroscope.Similar devices were designed by Da Vinci in Europe in 1500.

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