Definition of plush toys

- Dec 21, 2018 -

Plush toys are one kind of children's toys. Plush toys have the characteristics of lifelike shape, soft touch, no fear of extrusion, easy cleaning, strong decoration, high safety and wide application to people. So plush toys are good choices for children's toys, decorating houses and giving gifts to people.

Plush toys can be divided into the following four categories according to the characteristics of the products:

1. According to the production characteristics of plush toys, products basically have fillers, so we can generally say plush toys, plush toys are short for stuffed toys.

2. According to whether filling or not, filling toys can be divided into filling toys and non-filling toys.

3. Filling toys can be divided into Plush filling toys, velvet filling toys and plush filling toys according to their appearance.

4. According to the appearance of toys, they can be divided into filling animal toys, with high intelligent electronics, machine core, audio animal toys or dolls, and gift toys for various festivals.

According to consumers'preferences, plush toys have the following popular categories:

1. According to the origin of plush toys, plush toys can be divided into animal plush toys and cartoon characters plush toys.

2. According to the length of plush toys, plush toys can be divided into plush toys and super-plush toys.

3. According to the names of animals people like, they can be divided into Plush Teddy bears, plush teddy bears and so on.

4. According to the stuffing of stuffed toys, it is divided into pp. cotton plush toys and foam particle toys.

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