Development History of Plush Toys

- Dec 19, 2018 -

Plush toys are also called plush toys. Plush toys refer to toys made by cutting, sewing, filling and working procedures using various chemical fibers, pure cotton and other raw materials. At present, plush toys are one of the major types of toys. They are beautiful, elegant, fashionable, lifelike, soft, pressure-resistant, and decorative. They are good for all ages, and are favored by the public. Throughout the history of toys, plush toys are also one of the most concerned and longest-lasting categories of toys.

Plush toys are usually called "plush toys". The English names are plush doll and plush toy. The design and manufacture process of plush toys are similar to cloth dolls. The difference is that plush toys are made of plush cloth.

Plush toys began in the early 19th century. In a small town in the United States, it's a masterpiece by a grocery store owner who knows how to tailor. One day, he had a sudden fantasy. He found some broken sheepskin and used his tailoring techniques to make a cute little bear. The neighbours in the neighbourhood loved it very much. He thought it was a good way to make money. So he collected a lot of broken sheepskin and made a batch of teddy bears. They are sold in stores. He also gave the little teddy bear a beautiful name, Teddy Bear. Later, the development of things really let the shopkeeper unexpectedly, sales are surprisingly good.

In 1902, Stafford began to specialize in the production of "teddy bear" plush toys, which opened the way for the industrialization of plush toys. Although a hundred years have passed, more and more new kinds of toys have been produced, but people's love for plush toys has increased or not decreased. Plush toys are still the most popular toys and enjoy the longest lasting time.

Teddy Bear is translated into Teddy Bear in Chinese, but it should be called Roosevelt Bear according to the local saying in the United States. Strictly speaking, the common plush bear toys we have now are not really "teddy bears". Just as cars have different shapes, specifications and brands, plush bears also have different brands, styles, appearances, and even designers. There is no way to represent all teddy bears with teddy bears. However, because teddy bears are so widely used, people often call all plush teddy bears "teddy bears".

In fact, teddy bear was originally an independent term. The most correct way to say it is only before the First World War, when President Roosevelt was in office. From 1903 to 1912, "custom" bears were called Teddy bears.

In the meantime, "customized" teddy bears may also be due to President Roosevelt's favorite reasons for it. It was very popular at that time. Therefore, it can be said that it is the ancestor of the current plush bear. It has a plump figure and limbs, fluffy and warm Angolan wool, simple materials and embroidery, simple expression, and 100% manual sewing and stuffing production. Whether it comes from the United States or Europe, the spirit of those who have gone through ancient times still exists today and is still loved by the bears.

But the real Teddy bear, the so-called antique bear, is now hard to find. Only in books, museums, or collectors'homes can we have a glimpse of its lovely and noble features. Nevertheless, the teddy bears, which still enjoy the same scenery, have been revived under the current trend of human retro-antiquity and historical memory, as well as under the auctions and collectors'value-preserving concepts, and manufacturers have re-created their antique products. Copy the style of the bear, or deliberately imitate the old bear version of the toy.

Although after more than a century, more than 100 years. But Teddy Bear, an ancient toy, records the history of toy years after all. It inherits the same brand of toy history. It also shows the ancient civilization of human toy history. Let mankind remember it forever, forever

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