Do you know how to choose plush toys

- Dec 06, 2018 -

Plush toys are one of children's and young people's favorite toys. With the popularity of the Internet, people's social ways have changed dramatically. There are fewer and fewer meetings and more compliments. If we put down our mobile phones, we are all lonely... At this time, many people should have a plush toy beside them. We will give them unique meaning and weave a good memory. Whether you buy Plush toys for yourself or give gifts to your friends, you must not be ambiguous. We must choose regular manufacturers to produce plush toys with brand names! uuuuuuuuuu However, if the plush toys are not chosen properly, they may also become chronic health killers. Next, let's introduce the choosing and purchasing skills of plush toys and the matters needing attention.

1. Choosing and Purchasing Skills of Plush Toys

1. First of all, when choosing the plush toys, it is clear which age group is used, and then different plush toys are purchased according to different age groups, mainly considering the safety and applicability of the plush toys. If you send your friend's children's plush toys, then choose the plush toys that are safe for children.

2. Secondly, it depends on whether the material of plush toys is sophisticated and hygienic. Fabrics are divided into short plush, velvet, plush and so on according to their high and low grades. The same color or same position of raw material wool is required. Otherwise, there will be different colors in the sunshine, the opposite direction of wool, which will affect the beauty. If there is a filler inside, see if the color matching is reasonable.

3. We should carefully check whether the fixed parts are firm, whether they are made of sharp edges and thorns, and whether the suitable parts are too small to prevent children from accidentally entering danger when playing with them.

4. To observe whether the appearance of the plush toys is beautiful, whether the left and right positions are symmetrical, whether the plush toys are filled with soft and fluffy hand extrusion, whether the stitching of each part is firm, whether the toy accessories have scratches and remnants.

5. Check whether there are trademarks, hanging tags, safety signs, manufacturer's address and so on, and whether the binding is firm.

Notes for purchase:

1. fabric

This is a major factor in deciding the price of a toy. Some sellers use inferior quality to cheat consumers. Good fabrics are soft to the touch and bad fabrics are stiff to the touch.

2. filled cotton

This is another major factor affecting the price of toys. Good filled cotton is all PP cotton, just like nine pillow pistils in the supermarket. It feels good and average. Poor filling cotton is black-core cotton, feel bad, and very dirty, at present, briefly introduced two most effective methods to distinguish PP cotton and black-core cotton.

3. Toys of all kinds are long and slender in order to save money. There is little cotton to put away, which completely fails the bear's original love. Our bears are full and average in every city, and their posture is really big.

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