Hanging four little alaskans on a hanger, from afar thought it was a plush toy

- Nov 07, 2018 -

The child always can bring us infinite pleasant surprise and happiness, this lets us these shoveling excrement officials regarding raise the child this matter throughout is unwearied, not as well happy! Although they sometimes make us very headache, but after all, happy when more!

Today this netizen exposed his child to us! See? They're all hung up! Four little homes later, all Alaska! Unexpectedly raised four ha, visible this net friend is really special like these MAO children ha, raise four at the same time all at once, but a big project ha!

You must be asking, why are they all hung up like this? Is it to let them bask in the sun? MAO didn't get wet! Not really to let them bask in the sun! But the net friend to their small punishment just!

Every time I clean the floor, these little guys wear to wear to go, can't sweep the floor, sweep time, have their hair, 10 minutes can finish cleaning, you have to sweep an hour also not necessarily can finish cleaning, shovel excrement officers should have experience, because they can always give away we sweep up all the junk, diao thrown everywhere, they have to, just like the magnetic tape cassette, you've been repeating do!!!!

So every time they clean up, they hang them up and hang them out in the yard in advance. In order to make them safe to hang on the above, the user said that specially made hook, bearing capacity can be large enough! The net friends saw these photos, happy to open flowers, said: "now still small, such as they grow up to more than a hundred jin of time, see how you also hang up! Another netizen said, "looking at it from afar, I thought it was a stuffed toy hung to dry!" Not to mention, it's really quite the same, especially with the little guy in the red pants and yellow T-shirt!

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