Inspection standard for plush toys wholesale in plush toy factory

- Nov 09, 2018 -

The plush toys wholesaled by plush toy manufacturers have the characteristics of lifelike shape, soft touch, no fear of extrusion, easy cleaning, strong decoration, high safety and wide application to people. So plush toys are good choices for children's toys, decorating houses and giving gifts to people.

In view of the strict requirements on toy safety in Europe, America and other countries, as well as the frequent occurrence of foreign consumers'claims to domestic toy manufacturers for safety problems. The safety of toys must be highly valued by the people concerned.

A. Manual needles must be placed on fixed soft packages, not directly inserted into toys, so that people can leave the needle and pull out.

B. The broken needle must find another needle, and then report the two needles to the workshop team supervisor in exchange for new needles. The toys that can not find the broken needle must be searched through the probe.

C, each manual can only send a working needle. All steel tools should be placed uniformly and must not be placed at will.

D, use the bristles correctly with steel brush, and brush the hair after hand.

2. Accessories on toys, including eyes, nose, buttons, ribbons, ties, etc., may be pulled down and swallowed by children, which may cause danger. Therefore, all accessories must be firmly fastened and meet the requirements of pulling force.

A, eyes and nose must bear the pull of 21LBS;

B, ribbons, flowers and buttons must bear the pull of 4LBS;

C. The post quality inspector must often test the pulling force of the above parts, sometimes find problems, and work with engineers and workshops to solve them.

3. All plastic bags for packaged toys must be stamped with warnings and punched at the bottom of the bags in order to avoid the danger of children putting them on their heads.

4. All filaments and nets must have warning signs and age marks.

5, all toys and accessories should not contain toxic chemicals to prevent children from licking.

6, no scissors, bits and other metal objects should be left in the packing box.

The above is the plush toy manufacturers wholesale plush toy testing standards, so when we buy Plush toys from outside, if any one does not do, it belongs to the unqualified products, the sale needs to be careful!

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