Let the plush toy have some kind also has soul

- Nov 06, 2018 -

In the past three years, wang jun has obtained the legal authorization of IP of many well-known brands, and the company has been on the fast track of development. What is not known to outsiders is that he has paid a lot behind the glamour. "I've spent millions of dollars trying to license the IP of the brand, and people around me say this person is crazy." "I'm doing it with all my heart," wang said with a smile.

"A lot of people don't understand why I'm a sucker." Wang jun said, some people feel that piracy is also done, and earn a lot of money, why he should take the tip. "That's because I think that piracy is always piracy, that money is not earned, that having a brand is the way to go, and for the plush toy industry to grow, it has to be a brand."

Transformation and development, with animation to make toys alive

Now, wang jun began to transform, leading the team to design original products, on the road of original IP design and cross-border integration. In his opinion, the plush toy industry must be upgraded to make products more industrial chain, so that sustainable development.

At the end of last year, wang started a design company together with the head of a hand-run design company in Shanghai, which was named yangzhou aiyu animation culture development co., LTD. "We spent 10 months together developing a group of 'twilight angels' and creating characters. A group of 14 dolls, each with its own expression, shape, name. "We also made the twilight angel anime, giving plush toys life and vitality, and making them more than just static toys," wang said.

To let different industries collide sparks, wang jun is another exploration. "" not only do plush toys need to use IP images, other traditional industries also need them." " Wang said some toothbrush business owners in hangji town said the profit from making a toothbrush is small, but once the brand IP image is printed on it, the added value of the product will increase. Recently, wang jun and an enterprise of hang ji reached the cooperation, the joint development big head son small head father's electric toothbrush and manual toothbrush. "" in the future, cross border integration will be the direction of my efforts." " "Wang jun said firmly.

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