Plush toy fabric knowledge

- Nov 03, 2018 -

Identification of toy fabrics (commonly used) :

Commonly used toy material
1. Sheared woolen cloth (Velboa) :
There are many styles, the color card of fuguang company is very clear. In recent years, it is very popular to make bean bags. TY beanies popular in America and Europe are mostly made of this material.

Check the quality: the softness of the wool surface, the general quality of the wool down is poor, but the printing shearing cloth will have a bit pour, not serious should be acceptable.

General plush (including plush cloth, shearing cloth), if the weight is low, the wool will be easy to fall down and not stand up, pay attention to quality inspection. The length of wool shearing is not easy to measure, the length of wool is short and the cloth appears thin. Therefore, it should be carefully checked. The length of wool shearing should be 2.5-3.5mm in general, 3.00mm in normal.

Relative gram weight is also higher, the gross length requirement should be indicated when signing a contract, it is 3mm gram weight is in commonly 450g/ y-480g /Y, special should be indicated. The shearing also has a woolly direction.

(2) plush cloth:

A, A yarn (also called ordinary yarn and BOA), divided into:
Have smooth gauze: general and general is to have burnish, the wool can differentiate to give Yin and Yang face to differ in the light.
Matt yarn: namely, the matte color, basically no Yin and Yang surface.
B, V yarn (also known as special yarn, t-590, Vonnel) has Even Cut and long staple hair, which is about 4-20mm in length, belonging to the mid-range.

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