Plush toys have a good market prospect

- Dec 17, 2018 -

With the increasing popularity of plush products, what is the market potential of plush products? China's sales of plush toys are increasing at a rate of 40% per year. By 2010, China's plush toy market will consume more than 30 billion yuan. It can be seen that the market demand for plush toys in China is huge and vigorous, so let's open a plush toy shop as soon as possible.

Market situation

Chinese people are loyal consumers of plush toys. There are hundreds of millions of families in China with a population of 1.3 billion, and the consumption of plush toys has always maintained a growing trend. People pay more and more attention to plush products. The Plush culture has become a new cultural form in China.

In the past, parents only bought toys for their children on New Year's Day. With the change of people's consumption concept and the improvement of their living standard, children's toys have become popular products all year round. Moreover, plush products are not only toys in the hands of children, but also the main consumer groups have obviously changed from children or adolescents to adults. Some of them are purchased as gifts, and some are simply carried home for fun. Lovely shapes and smooth hands can bring comfort to adults.

Besides its toy function, Plush has more and more prominent decorative functions. For example, it is favored by modern home decoration. A pair of plush shoes, a plush cushion, a plush bear, together with warmth and sunshine, have become a new theme and way for modern people to decorate their families.

For example, the latest "car decoration" has changed from the cold feeling of private cars to the cartoon paradise on the road. Looking into the car, the rearview mirror is embraced by Winnie Pooh, the gear is held by Snoopy, the rear window is covered with cats and dogs, the cushion is embroidered with a variety of cartoon images, and even the shelf and mobile phone seat where the water cup is placed. The plush toys occupied the sunshade, and the plush products have become the mainstream of interior decoration. Whether home or car, the owner wants to create a warm and comfortable environment. This plush product contributes a lot.

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