The design idea of plush toy

- Nov 08, 2018 -

After the plush toy that did 4, 5 years commonly designs, the designer is right model design, besides behave a style, handle gimmick to detail and hold to modelling scale somewhat different outside, everybody's open edition ability is about the same.A velvet toy is nothing more than a head, body, limbs, tail, accessories, and so on.Therefore, the ability to open the version of the basic design of the plush toy.

As a plush toy designer, in addition to the solid basic skills - the ability to open a version, more importantly, one, to have flexible, sensitive, various forms of artistic expression of mutual integration of the design mind.For example, the exaggerated representation of cartoon and cartoon in proportion and color, the generalization and abstract expression of sculpture art, and the bold imagination expression of science fiction and video games can all be used as the expression of plush toy.

2. Correct and clear design concept.When you get a design question, don't rush into it.Want to make sure oneself want to show a kind of what figure above all, with what kind of expression gimmick to show.At the same time, I should have a preliminary concept in my mind, which is what my product will look like when it is finished.So in the design process, there is a big direction.

The positioning of consumer groups and the grasp of consumer psychology.Before starting product design, we should not only determine the big direction in the aspect of modeling, but also clearly know who our products are to be consumed by: infants, children or adults.This is a key factor to the success of the product.

The ability and method of selecting design theme by oneself.When stylist chooses design theme oneself, also want to develop to oneself generally first to product undertakes market localization, centering on this orientation again, undertake expression hand sends, market information to use, colour collocation, raw material and fittings respect to choose and apply.

Knowledge of raw materials and accessories.Building a house requires brick, tile, cement, steel, etc.To build a house well and control its cost, an architect needs to have a full understanding of the function, nature and price of building materials and decoration materials.Then, to design a successful plush toy and control the price of the product, just as architects should have a full understanding of the function, nature and price of building materials and decoration materials, the designers of plush toys should also have a full understanding of the style, function and price of raw materials and accessories.

6. Comprehensive consideration of art performance and technology and whether it is convenient for mass production.For a product, the final value depends on sales.The success of a product should not only be perfect and attractive, but also be convenient for mass production.Because often encounter such circumstance, the client is satisfied to our product very much, and have large goods to order immediately, can say the expression gimmick of stylist is worth affirmation, but if craft is too complex, bring very trouble to the word of big goods production of the factory, the final destiny of this product still can be imagined.

plush toy design, is an art design class in a wonderful work, it always seems to be the performance of the flow, but also a school of its own.Say it not flow, because before 04 years, do not have that art school, regard it as a formal major to treat.It's a school of its own, because it was born with clothing almost as soon as humans invented it.

Now, almost all the designers of the plush toy company, their design technology and techniques, are mostly like the inheritance of handicraft technology since ancient times in China, in the form of the master and apprentice in the inheritance and development.It wasn't until 2004 that some art and design schools began to treat velvet toy design as a formal, independent profession.

The design of plush toy, due to the uniqueness of materials used, has formed its own unique artistic expression form in terms of expression techniques. Although there has been no art school that specializes in the design of cloth toy, the design of plush toy is both a product design and a pure art design category.It to the fine arts foundation of plush toy stylist and the requirement of artistic accomplishment are higher, the well-known plush  toy stylist at home and abroad, who does not have the fine arts foundation and artistic accomplishment of perfect?

Of course, to be a qualified designer of plush  toy, we should not only have excellent art foundation and artistic accomplishment, but also have many other factors, such as our own life experience, understanding between the design of plush  toy and consumer psychology, understanding and grasping of market information, application of product raw materials and so on

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