The foundation of fabric knowledge of the plush toy industry

- Nov 05, 2018 -


1. Eyes (divided into plastic eyes, crystal eyes, cartoon eyes, mobile eyes, etc.)

2. Nose (also divided into plastic nose, flocking nose, enveloping nose, matte nose, etc.);

A Ribbon; Please note the quantity of the order for the specified color, quantity, or style.

4. Plastic bags (PP bags are commonly used in American products and are relatively cheap, while European products must use PE bags; PE bags are not transparent enough. PP bags are good, but PP bags are more prone to wrinkle and break. , the thermal contraction film is mainly used for color box packaging, as a protective film.

5. Carton :(in two types)

Double leng A=B, A=C, B=B, B=C, C=C, and A 3 B are also available (such as backpack series). Unless specified by the customer, usually A=B is used for export outer boxes. For small export outer boxes, B=B or B=C can be considered. Before ordering carton; Should be to choose the real suppliers, to provide all kinds of paper, make sure a cardboard-box factory pay attention to each may be different, choose the real, at the same time should also pay attention to the quality of each batch of replenish onr's stock, to prevent the supply commercial nanocrystalline nickel pretend to be the real thing, the other degrees, the weather is wet monsoon climate factors may cause bad effects to the paper.

The quality of the outer paper and inner shell determines the firmness of the carton.

6. Cotton is divided into 7D, 6D, 15D, and A, B and C grades. What we use now is usually 7D/A grade. Low end products or products that are well-packed and hard apply 15D/B or C. 7D is very soft and flexible, and 15D is rough and hard.

According to the length of fiber, the cotton is divided into 64MM and 32MM. The former is used for manual cleaning and the latter for machine washing.

The general practice of our company is to enter the original cotton to loose the cotton, to ensure that the work * done correctly, there are enough times of cotton loose, so that the cotton fully loose to achieve good flexibility. If loose cotton is not effective, it will cause great waste of cotton dosage.

7. Colloidal particles :(divided into PP and PE), diameter should be greater than or equal to 3MM, and the particles are round and even. The products exported to Europe are usually more environmentally friendly with PE. The products exported to the United States can be used in PP or PE except for special requirements of customers. PP is cheaper. All export products must be wrapped in inner bag unless specified by the customer.

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