What are the comforting effects of plush toys

- Dec 10, 2018 -

1. Plush toys play a soothing and comforting role:

For example, if a baby is not easy to fall asleep, when you coax him to sleep, you can consider placing a plush toy beside him and letting him touch or pat it in his arms, so as to calm the child's mood and relax him. When a child has a plush toy, the child will imagine the plush toy as his family, slowly listen to his secrets, or obediently play a child's assigned role. Or in a sense, plush toys become the baby's first mirror, and he will project all his emotions on it. When you see a child behaving roughly toward his favorite plush toy one day, maybe it's when he needs to express and vent his pressure and emotions, don't stop him. After he vents, communicate with him slowly.

2. Language training for children is very important:

One of children's favorite and sure-to-play games is to spend time at home. When children are playing, they sometimes read words to the plush toys and "talk" like toys. Don't underestimate this communication mode. It gives children the opportunity to use language to express their meaning. At this time, if parents can participate in it and play with their children, they can not only induce him to talk more, but also guide him in his vocabulary and expression skills, so as to strengthen his ability to master the use of language.

3. Benefiting children's sensory development:

Plush toys can encourage children to touch the world with their senses, such as colorful stimulation of their vision, crisp and pleasant sound stimulation of hearing, soft and flexible internal filler stimulation of their touch, help them with the body's various sensory responses, to contact and recognize everything in the world. Different plush toys are effective tools to help children understand the world.

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