Export Analysis Of Plush Toys: Orders Mainly Come From Europe And America, And Demand For Promotional Gifts Is High

- Jan 09, 2019 -

China is the largest toy producer in the world. There are many kinds of toys exported by China, including plush toys, plastic toys, electric toys, model toys and puzzle toys. Although puzzle toys and electric toys have developed fastest in recent years, they are still the traditional plush toys with the largest sales and the largest manufacturers.

Export orders mainly come from Europe and America.

As a non-necessities toy, its market scope and scale depend on the economic level of a country or region as a whole and the consumption capacity of the family. Therefore, the European Union, the United States, Japan and other countries and regions have been the main toy export markets in China. According to Euromonitor statistics, the average consumption of children's toys in European and American countries is more than seven times that in other developing countries such as China.

The United States is the world's largest toy consumer market. According to the data provided by Guangdong Toy Association, in 2017, 28.8% of Chinese toys were exported to the United States, while 80% of American toys were made in China.

In addition, China is also the largest importer of toys in the European Union. According to statistics from the Statistical Bureau of the European Union, Chinese toys account for 85% of the market share of the European Union. Among them, Britain, Germany and the Netherlands are the three EU countries with the largest imports of toys, accounting for 27%, 16% and 10% of the total imports respectively.

  Lovely QMeng's plush toys are the most popular

  Although electric toys have developed rapidly in recent years, parents in European and American countries still like to choose traditional toys for their children, such as Barbie dolls, which are always loved by little girls. According to statistics, Barbie dolls have sold more than 1 billion since they were born in 1959. An 11-year-old American girl may have owned 10 Barbie dolls and five French girls of the same age.

  All kinds of plush animals, building blocks and jigsaw toys are also favored by parents and children in European and American countries, among which plush toys have become the first choice for parents in European and American countries to choose toys for their children because of their vivid and lovely shape, soft touch, easy cleaning and high safety.

  Competition is fierce and profit margin is shrinking

  Although China's plush toys account for a larger share in the European and American markets, they mainly rely on low-price advantages and processing trade, with meagre profits. Moreover, with the overproduction and market saturation of plush toys, resulting in fierce price competition, the survival space of Chinese plush toy enterprises is becoming narrower and narrower.

  China's plush toys in the international market belong to the low-grade level of "cheap goods", product added value is not high. The vast majority of toy enterprises rely on sample and material processing, more than 90% of them are OEM production mode, that is, OEM production and OEM production. Product styles and prices are generally set by foreign distributors. Some even raw materials are transported directly from abroad by distributors. Chinese enterprises are only responsible for organizing the production of workers according to the requirements of distributors and earning a little processing fee. Therefore, it causes the realistic dilemma of "selling more and earning less" for Chinese plush toys.

  Promotional Gift Market Demand

  Plush toys are widely used. In addition to the purchase of parents and children, many well-known enterprises now have a great demand for customized plush toys. For example, some enterprises will make their corporate image into the appearance of plush toys, which can add some affinity to the enterprise, and it is also very helpful to enhance the corporate image; other large retailers and fast food restaurants will use plush toys as gifts for promotional activities to attract popularity.

  "Promotional gifts are the most important market for the export of plush toys at present. On the one hand, the number of such customers'orders is very large and their profits are considerable. On the other hand, if the cooperation is successful, they can develop into long-term customers and get stable orders, which is very helpful for the long-term development of enterprises. 


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