General Purchase Knowledge Of Plush Toys

- Jan 02, 2019 -

1, clear age group, for the baby, plush toys first consider practicality and safety.


2, look at the quality of the fabric, the plush toy fabric must first be clean, followed by the quality. The fabric has high and low grades, long and short plush, velvet, plush TIC cloth, etc. This is an important factor in determining the price of a toy. Some sellers shoddy and deceive consumers.


3, the stuffing of plush toys, good filling cotton are all PP cotton, just like the material of the nine-hole pillow in the supermarket, the hand feels very uniform. Poorly filled cotton is black cotton, which has a bad hand feeling and is harmful to your baby's health.


4. Whether the accessories are stable, the accessories are not stable or too small, and it is easy to accidentally enter the baby when playing, and danger occurs. In addition, it is necessary to see whether the same color or the same direction of the raw material hair direction is the same, otherwise there will be different colors under the sun, the opposite direction of hair, affecting the appearance.


5, to observe whether the appearance is beautiful, in addition to the beautiful appearance of the pattern, but also to see whether the left and right body position of the toy is symmetrical, whether the hand pressure is soft and fluffy, whether the stitching of each part is firm, whether the toy parts have scratches or defects.


6. Check whether there are trademarks, brands, safety signs, factory communication addresses, etc., whether the binding is firm.


7. Check the internal and external packaging conditions, whether the signs are consistent, whether the moisture resistance is good, and the inner packaging is a plastic bag. If the opening size exceeds a certain range, the air hole must be opened to prevent the child from suffocating the head.

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