How To Choose Baby Plush Dolls

- Jan 08, 2019 -

It should be noted that the selection of baby plush dolls is not only to choose from the color quality, but also to pay attention to the brand of the product. Both domestic and international safety standards for toys are required and are becoming more and more strict. Many parents have reported that there was no specific concept when purchasing children's toys. As long as the children liked it, the price is right and it looks good. But there are more and more toys piled up in the home, and the children are so tired that many parents can't afford it. So paying attention to the practicality and functionality of the plush doll, safety is necessary, and the combination of these three standards can largely avoid waste.

In the purchase of plush toys, cartoon dolls need to pay attention to the manufacturer, the product material qualified label, these are the most basic, in order to allow children to safely and safely contact these toys, or be careful. Modern people's concept of green environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger. For children's toys, it is necessary to choose from a safe and healthy point of view. They can't choose cheap toys with heavy metals or rich flavors.

Remind parents that we must pay attention to the cleaning and cleaning of plush toys. In addition, we should also look at this plush toy manufacturer when choosing. Is this the safety test of the international standard EN71 for this doll, pay attention to it before buying. Prevent these baby plush toys from harming children.

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