How To Clean The Plush Toys?

- Jul 20, 2018 -

The plush toys have two methods: dry cleaning and water washing.

1. The dry cleaning method is as follows:

     1,Buy a bag of large salt,or coarse salt.

     2,Put the coarse salt in a big plastic bag with the dirty plush toys.

     3, then tie the bag tightly and shake it hard for a while, and the plush toys will be clean.

2. The  water washing method is as follows:

     Put the parts that are worn out on the plush toys with adhesive tape, then put them in the washing machine for  gentle washing , shake them dry, and hang them in a cool place.

Attention to water washing of plush toys:

1, choose the right water temperature.

A lot of high-grade plush toys need warm water to wash, which will not damage the softness of plush toys. The general water temperature can be controlled at thirty or forty degrees. But in hot summer, you don't need to add boiled water. It's quite appropriate to wash a basin of flush toys in the sun.

2. Washing the dark and light colored plush toys separately.

When washing the plush toys, wash the deep and light colors separately and do not mix them together. Once they fade, it will be difficult to see other toys.

3. Use the neutral detergent as much as possible.

When washing plush toys,it's best to use neutral detergent (silk  detergent is better), less damage to the plush toys, will not lead to hair loss, color loss and so on. The amount of detergent should also be moderate, and it should be reasonably added according to the instructions so as not to waste. In addition, you can use coarse salt to wash plush toys, and pay attention to dosage.

4, when washing the plush toys, pay attention to the strength.

When washinging plush toys, do not push and pinch too hard to avoid damaging toys or causing hair loss. According to the texture of plush toys, we should choose whether to work hard or not. 

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