Plush Toys Should Not Be Encouraged To Sleep With Children

- Dec 17, 2018 -

The child is right oneself beloved toy, regular meeting is talky ground saying, busy ceaseless fiddling with, look at when having a meal, take when going out, also want to accompany when sleeping.Indeed, toys are children's angels, can give children infinite joy.

It is understood that many parents let their children sleep with toys when they go to bed, which is the case in movies and TV.Actually, this kind of practice should not imitate and advocate.There are three reasons:

Firstly, toys are placed beside children when they sleep. Children play with toys for a short time ranging from more than ten minutes to an hour or more.This is not conducive to the development of children on time to sleep, sleep naturally good habits.

Secondly, cloth toys and long fluffy toys, such as dolls, long hair dogs and so on, easy to dirty, children sleep around unsanitary;Metal toys, hard plastic toys, such as guns, transformers, etc., angular hard, hard texture, put children around is not safe.

The 3rd, although the bedroom is turning on a light, the light is darker commonly.The child sleeps on the bed, play while sleeping, the distance between the eye and the toy is relatively close, usually less than 20 centimeters, the eye needs tense regulation, eye muscle is easy to fatigue, the pressure inside the eye increases, the eye axis is easy to elongate, not conducive to protecting the child's vision.

In order to cultivate children's good living and health habits and protect children's eyesight, parents should be careful about this link, can not let toys sleep with the habit.

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