Spectacular! 30,000 Plush Toys Scattered All Over The Ice Hockey Course

- Dec 11, 2018 -

It is understood that this is a charity event originating in 1993. It first became popular in the Canadian Ice Hockey League and later became the tradition of many ice hockey teams around the world. At the end of each year, a competition day is designated to allow spectators to throw plush toys after the home team scored its first goal. These toys will then be donated to children's charity. Organization. Helsh Brown Bears collected 34,798 plush toys in this year's event, breaking the world record set by the Calgary Assassins in 2015. In celebration of the record breaking, the sponsors of the competition also donated an additional 17,000 US dollars to charities, about 117,000 RMB.

  • Baby Donkey Stuffed Animal
  • Valentine's Stuffed Teddy Bear Toy
  • China Plush Hand Warmer
  • Valentine's Stuffed Toy
  • Children Plush Toy
  • Knitted Plush Toy elephant

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