The 4 Way Is To Teach Your Child To Pick Up Their Toys

- May 14, 2018 -

1, for children, cleaning toys or other housework is still a skill that requires parents to accompany training. You can take a special time to consult with your child about a toy classified storage plan, and establish a "fixed home" for each toy. Young children can not do this work independently. So, you need parents' help.

2, after making the classified storage plan, parents need to supervise and remind children to return to toys every time. If children forget, you can remind them, "do you remember? Where is the home of this car? " You may have to remind, or even help, to clean up for quite some time before the child can become a habit.

3, if children deliberately throw toys, do not pick up toys. You can say, "if you don't take this toy home, this toy will get lost and lose hope. Or, "are you sure you don't want these toys?" Then I'll take them away and deal with it. " Then parents receive toys where a child can't get them. For a long time, children are not allowed to play with these toys.

4, still hope you can try the "family meeting" to solve all the similar problems. The first step is half the success.

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