The Benefits And Functions Of U-type Plush Toy Pillow

- Dec 15, 2018 -

U-shaped pillow for life fun: You can also use the U-shaped pillow as a piece of furniture. When you watch TV, play with your child, read a book, or just rest, you can enjoy it. Cross the ends of the U-shaped pillow, or bend it to support the back, head and neck. Because it is so flexible, you have a variety of postures to meet your body's needs. U-shaped pillows are perfect for everyone in your home, offering the most comfortable support regardless of height and weight.

Benefits of the U-shaped lumbar pillow:

1. It can better maintain the lumbar vertebrae in a physiological lordosis posture, relieve the excessive stretching of the lumbar muscle caused by daytime fatigue, ensure the relaxation of the lumbar muscles, and fully rest at night to consolidate the achieved curative effect.

2. After the lumbar muscles relax, the local blood circulation is also improved, which is beneficial to the repair of the lumbar muscles of the strain, and the muscle strength and muscle tension are enhanced, which is beneficial to the next day activities.

3. For the compression fractures of the lumbar vertebrae and the lower thoracic vertebrae, the under-waist bolster also promotes the gradual reduction of the fracture and reduces the traumatic low back pain.

4. Patients with lumbar disc herniation often have a lumbar bolster, which can widen the intervertebral space and reduce the pressure of the intervertebral disc. Some can also retract the intervertebral disc to eliminate the compression of the cauda equina and nerve roots, thereby alleviating the pain in the lower back and leg.

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