What Are The Smart Toys For Children?

- May 14, 2018 -

1. Singing and telling storytelling toys

It has the functions of singing, telling stories, playing games and recognizing numbers to develop the baby's interest in learning and exercise the flexibility and sense of direction of the baby's fingers. Under her guidance, children will be willing to accept singing, telling stories, tongue twisters, learning English, learning common sense, guessing riddles and interacting with each other.

2, toy building toys

Building blocks are the simplest and most restrictive children's toys. Children can diverge their minds and build up the buildings they want. The works from the children may be odd and unique. Let children put their ideas into practice, stimulate their imagination, and build blocks to train their children's coordination.

The Kazakh bear is made up of 6 parts. The head, body, 2 hands, 2 feet, the tail can be disassembled, the active part is built with magnets, and the magnet can be used in any combination. Suitable for age: baby over 3 years old. Babies can change the posture of a wooden bear according to their preferences, or sit or stand, or raise their hands or jump. Of course, mom and dad can also teach the baby to remove the components and reassemble them according to the correct positions. This can train the accuracy, purpose and hand eye coordination of the baby's movements, and also exercise the grasping ability of the baby's fingers and the strength of the baby's wrist.

3, jigsaw puzzle

The child was puzzling while trying to figure out what the missing piece looked like. And compare the images in mind with the alternatives, and screen them. Jigsaw puzzle is very effective in training children's analytical ability and imagination.

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