Wholesale Of Plush Toys Should Be Carefully Selected

- Dec 27, 2018 -

With the development of modern economy and society, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, and the consumption of stuffed toys is also one of them. Plush toys are no longer the privilege of children, but a wide range of practical and more crowds, combined with the use of life to connect with people. Soft plush toys are also people's understanding of fashion trends, giving her a gift as a gift, adding a lot of fun to life.

For those who wholesale plush toys, it is prudent to choose plush toys. Choosing a good quality plush toy first has to pinch the inside of the filler, and the internal materials are also very important. For example, the elasticity of the toy, and whether the material is evenly distributed, these can be touched by the hand. The second is to look at the outside. If you look at the thread, you can see the thread, or the phenomenon of hair loss, then this fabric is not good, it is necessary to pay attention to the wholesale. The feel of the exterior material directly affects people's desire to buy, and the cost of fabrics with soft feel is also different. Finally, from the perspective of modeling. Plush toys custom work fine plush toys give a cute, like feeling, and poor products will not give this feeling, the overall shape is a plush toy charm, the overall size ratio, movements are It is a place to pay attention. This is especially true for children's plush toys, which are more important to the quality of the products sold to children.

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