Lovely Dinosaur Pen Holder

Lovely Dinosaur Pen Holder

Lovely Dinosaur Pen Holder Basic Information. Model NO.: M1-00925 Style: Pen Holder Material: Plush Size: 10cm L or Customized Sample Time: 5-7 Working Days Trademark: customized HS Code: 9503002100 Certification: CE, EN71, ASTM, CPSIA, REACH Product picture The pen holder is very cute,It's...

Product Details

Lovely Dinosaur Pen Holder

Basic Information.

Model NO.: M1-00925

Style: Pen Holder

Material: Plush

Size: 10cm L or Customized

Sample Time: 5-7 Working Days

Trademark: customized

HS Code: 9503002100

Certification: CE, EN71, ASTM, CPSIA, REACH

Product Introdution



Lovely Dinosaur Pen Holder




Warm,good hand feeling,good for   skin,breathes, perfect for seasons,soft enough.


1pc in a polybag, 50pcs in a outer carton

Sample fee

USD60 per style

Delivey datails

25-35 working days after sample approval   and received the deposit

OEM service

The size, weight, quality, wash label,   package can do as customers requirment


For gift, toy, promotion


Product picture



The pen holder is very cute,It's can hold many pens,convenience for student.

Story:In the Mesozoic era, more than 200 million years ago, a large number of reptiles lived on land. Therefore, the Mesozoic is also called the "reptile age", and the land was widely occupied by vertebrates for the first time. The earth was warm and covered with thick forests, and reptiles had enough food to thrive and become more diverse. They have evolved into a variety of reptiles, some of them tortoises, some of them crocodiles, some of them snakes and lizards, and one of them is a mammal that has evolved all over the world today.



 About the samples fee

1. Why do you charge samples fee?
We need to order the material for your customized designs, we need to pay the printing and embroidery, and we need to pay our designers salary. Once you pay the sample fee, it means we have the contract with you, we will take responsibility for your samples, until you say “ok, it is perfect”.

2. How much is the samples fee?
The account is up to your sample size and style usually it is 60 to 100 USD, but if there are many embroideries or printings, and it is complex, the sample fee will be higher.

3. Is the sample fee refunded when the order is placed?
Yes, if your order amount is more than 10,000 USD, the sample fee will be refunded to you.

4. How can get the free samples?
When your value of trade reaches 50,000 USD, you will be our VIP customer. And all your samples will be free, meantime the samples time will be much shorter than normal.

5. What is the samples time?
It is 3-7 days according to the different samples. If you want the samples urgently, it can be done within three days.

6. If I send my own samples to you, you duplicate the sample for me, should I pay the samples fee?
No, once we promise you that we can do it, you will not pay any fees any more.

7. How about the sample freight?
If you have an international express account, you can choose freight collect, if not, you can pay the freight together with the sample fee.

8. If I don’t like the sample when I receive it, can you modify it for you?
Yes, until you say “yes, it is ok”.


About the price

1. Do you have a competitive price?
Of course, we have. Have a try, you will know it.

2. How can I get the discount?
The discount is up to your order quantity. Small order will have higher price.
Your rolling order can help you get a bigger discount.
Delivery time, material and Graft will influence the price.


About the quality

1. How do you control the quality?
Our factory has almost ten years experiences in plush toys manufacture. And most of our workers are 10-20 years experiences in plush toys. 
We check the finish toys one by one, make sure the quality is good.

2. How can I do if I receive the bad quality goods?
Tell us how many pcs bad goods, sending us the photos, we will refund the cost or remake the goods for you.


About the MOQ

1. What is your MOQ?
To our old customers, there is no MOQ. 50 PCS, 100 PCS… IS OK.
If you are a professional purchaser or specialize in plush toys, we can do very small quantity for you. 500 pcs or 1000 pcs. We hope there will be a bigger one after that. Then there will not be MOQ to you.
We don’t supply resale service, if you really want to get a toy from us, please contact our sales, they can help you.


About the delivery Time

1. Usually, it is 20-45 days according to your quantity.
2. Your urgent order is acceptable, 10-30 days is ok. But you may pay more money.

Brush pot Related literature

According to literature records, The Three Kingdoms had a pen holder. Wu guo's lu ji "MAO poetry, plants, animals, birds, animals, animals, animals, fish sparse", "the bollworm has son" the cloud :" take the mulberry worms negative in the wood air, or in the writing brush tube, seven days and change ". Although the material of the pen cylinder is not stated in the article, from the place where the mulberry worms are placed, one is the wood space (wood), and the other is the book (bamboo, wood) deduction, the pen barrel should also be the quality of bamboo. But whether the penholder of The Three Kingdoms is the same as that of later generations, the bamboo penholder unearthed in the han dynasty may be seen in its shape. For example, one bamboo penholder was unearthed from han tomb, no. 168, fenghuangshan, jiangling, hubei, and zhou's han tomb in linyi, shandong. The bamboo pen cylinder of the han tomb of the golden sparrow mountain is pierced at both ends, carved with eight holes, and there are three leather hoop at the middle and both ends of the barrel. The brush cylinder is painted with black paint, and there are bamboo pens in the pen barrel when unearthed. The engrave on the tube is for the convenience of the pen. It can be seen that the pen barrel of han dynasty is a bamboo tube with carved holes, in which the pen is completely placed, which is very different from that of later generations. The pen holder mentioned in lu ji's poem "MAO shi, grass, animals, birds, animals, insects and fish trap" may also be of this shape. The thin bamboo tube seems to be more suitable for laying mulberry worms. "Wang xizhi was skillful in the stone brush frame and had a name of hu class. Here is the mottled bamboo pen holder, the name "qiu zhong". Wang xianzhi's "playing with the spotted bamboo pen cylinder" was passed down as an article: people are elegant, but "qi xu and miscellaneous board" is a memorial work for later generations, recording wang xianzhi of the eastern jin dynasty.


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